Case Studies- Successful Applications of Digital Printers in Carton Printing

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  • 2024/07/05
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Digital printing technology is revolutionizing the carton printing industry, offering numerous advantages over traditional methods. This article showcases successful case studies that demonstrate the capabilities and benefits of digital carton printing.

Enhanced Customization and Personalization

Digital printers enable the production of highly customized and personalized cartons on demand. Smurfit Kappa, a leading global packaging company, implemented digital printing to create personalized corrugated packaging for Coca-Cola’s holiday campaign. Each carton featured unique designs and promotional messages, capturing the attention of consumers and boosting brand loyalty.

Reduced Production Costs and Waste

Digital printing eliminates the need for expensive printing plates and setup time, resulting in significant cost savings. Mitsubishi Hitachi Paper Mills (MPM) leveraged digital technology to print short-run customized cartons for the pharmaceuticals industry. The reduced waste and setup costs allowed MPM to optimize production efficiency and enhance profitability.

Improved Quality and Consistency

Digital printers utilize high-resolution printing technology, ensuring exceptional image quality and consistency across multiple cartons. Rajapack, a UK-based packaging supplier, invested in digital printing to meet the demanding quality standards of its customers. The superior print quality and reliable color reproduction resulted in increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Fast Turnaround Times and Enhanced Flexibility

Digital printing offers rapid turnaround times, enabling businesses to respond quickly to changing market demands. Atlantic Packaging, a North American producer of paperboard packaging, implemented digital printing to reduce lead times and increase production flexibility. This capability proved invaluable in meeting the urgent packaging needs of their e-commerce customers.

Environmental Sustainability

Digital printing reduces environmental impact by eliminating the use of harmful solvents and waste associated with plate production. Mondi, a global paper and packaging company, adopted digital printing to create more sustainable packaging solutions. The company reduced its carbon footprint by leveraging water-based inks and energy-efficient printing processes.


Case studies on the application of digital printers in carton printing provide compelling evidence of the transformative power of this technology. From enhanced customization to reduced costs, improved quality, and increased flexibility, digital printing offers numerous advantages for businesses looking to optimize their packaging operations and meet evolving customer demands. As the industry continues to embrace digital printing, the benefits are expected to grow, further revolutionizing the carton printing landscape.

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