1. Question: What does the full servo means? Is there any difference between the full servo and mechanical planetary gearing sys 2018-07-31

Answer: Full servo means every independent unit of the machine is driven by multiple servo motors, the overall control system is able to guarantee the consistency of transmission so as to eliminate the accumulated errors from gear transmission, and therefore it features the overall high precision and long service life.

2. Question: What is the best solution for the instant printing on both coated board and normal linerboard? 2018-07-31

Answer: According to the carton diversifications of customers, we offer the solution – dual roller inking system, i.e. two sets of anilox rollers of different LPI with relevant inking systems are installed in a printing unit, which can be switched by simply pressing one button to realize the changeover between high or low LPI of anilox rollers to achieve the print over the coated or linerboard of different paper quality, high DPI and solid print of dissimilar printing of different ink demands. In this way, users will save the additional budget for one more machine and only one machine will satisfy your requirements!

3. Question: How many color printing units are needed to have the same print quality as the modern offset printing? 2018-07-31

Answer: It is different in features between offset and flexo printings, and it is also different in graphic pattern designs. In order to change offset printing into flexo printing, besides the four basic colors, normally, one or two special colors shall be prepared, therefore, most users will have 6 color printing units, and there will be 7 color printing units if a varnishing function unit added (unit structure same as the printer). Although there is no color number limit in servo transmission, under normal situation, it will meet the demand if users have the 6+1 configuration, and at present the 8 color units are the max color number configuration.

4. Question: Can the printing accurate be guaranteed if the warped (a little bent) corrugated board is fed into the machine? 2018-07-31

Answer: Since the overall vacuum suction feeding system is employed, some warped corrugated board can be fed accurately and reach the necessary precision, however, the seriously warped board will impact the feeding and printing accuracy, therefore the board shall remain a good state before printing to create satisfied condition for delicate printing. The board of a little warp can be flattened completely on the platform by means of overall vacuum suction to meet the requirement of nice printing quality. When the over-warp is found on excessive thick board, first increase the board moisture, do manual warp elimination and print finally.

5. Can both flexo UV varnishing oils be used in varnishing after printing? 2018-07-31

Answer: Yes, both of the varnishing oils can be employed, only if the dying method is simply adjusted.

6. Question: What is the printing plate thickness of high LPI? 2018-07-31

Answer: It needs some requirements and experience for treating flexo plate of high LPI, the plate has the significant effect on printing quality, better preprint treatment plays a critical role to make sure the flexo printing is able to achieve the effect of offset printing quality. There are several plate thicknesses, the normal ones are 2.84 and 3.94mm, and high LPI plate of 2.84mm is frequently used.

7. Question: Is there any requirement for the ink used on coated board printing? Is the price high? 2018-07-31

Answer: The ink for coated board printing is not slow-dry rosin resin ink but dry type ink of acrylic resin. Since the coat layer on the board is quite fine, it has less ink absorption, requiring thinner ink layer and quicker drying. This kind of ink varies from different brands, normally some 20 Yuan per 1kg. The ink quality impacts that of print to a certain extent and it is thus important to select a suitable ink.

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