Cartoning & Corrugated Boxes Making Machine

Pinlong, as an expert and leader in the cartoning machine and corrugated packaging machinery industry, is always proud of offering all kinds of packaging machines for customers. We provide flexo printing machine, cartoning machine, folder gluer inline, jumbo printing machine, and corrugated boxes making machine.

Cartoning machines, corrugated boxes making machines, corrugated flexo printer and other machines at our company have something in common which is humanized design, excellent quality, competitive cost, and long lifespan. We ensure the materials for making the products contain no harmful substances, so the products are all environmental-friendly and do no harm to people. For high speed running corrugated boxes making machines, we adopt Taiwan gears to make sure the precision and long-term use life of the machine. By adopting advanced technology, the automatic design of the cartoning machine has a remote diagnosis function, which ensures we can assist our clients to solve all kinds of questions. With humanized design by fast changed of roller also can help our customers to save time, labor and cost.

Pinlong ensures the high safety of each product such as cartoning machine, corrugated boxes making machine, carton making machine, etc., and strict quality inspections are carried out before delivery to guarantee the qualification ratio of all the products. All fully computerized products have passed the CE certification.

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