Keys To Improve The Printing Quality of Carton Printing Machines

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  • 2023/03/10
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With the continuous improvement of the development of science and technology, people have higher requirements for printing quality, so let PinLong tell us what should be done to improve the printing quality of carton printing machines.

1. The printing color should be pure, no color difference in batches

carton printing machine printing color

The quality of water-based ink is the key to the pure and bright color of carton printing, so we must pay great attention to it when selecting it. There is no obvious difference between the high-quality ink and the color standard. It feels delicate and viscous. The concentration is suitable for diluting with water or alcohol solvents without precipitation or agglomeration. When stirring with a wooden stick, there is no foam. When mixed with other inks, it has good affinity and is comparable to each other. Dissolution phenomenon, the color of the prepared ink is pure, and there is no abnormal reaction. Otherwise, it cannot be used. When printing, it is best to print in batches at one time, otherwise, even if the same bucket of ink is used, there will be color difference. The reason is that after the original ink is diluted with water or alcohol solvent, it is not sealed and exposed to the air for a long time. The chemical components in the ink react with the oxygen in the air, which reduces the pigment, and at the same time, strong light also decomposes the ink.

2. Prevent overprinting and ghosting when printing coated whiteboard cartons


During the manufacture of coated white board paper, the coating liquid used to coat the white board contains a certain amount of glue, and a small amount of glazing wax is applied to the surface of the high-grade white board paper, so when printing the carton with white board as the face paper, the printing plate There is a slipping phenomenon at the moment of contact with the white board paper. In addition, the pressure of the printing plate is too heavy, the water-based ink is not easy to penetrate, and the printed carton ink dries slowly. During printing, continuous operation, overlapping stacking of printed products, and superimposed ghosting formed by scratches on the box surface. To solve this problem, the ink should be diluted with ethanol instead of water, because it is not easy to volatilize, which is not conducive to the drying of the ink; the printing pressure should be appropriately reduced, and the printing speed should not be too fast, preferably no more than 600r/min. Install an exhaust fan or ventilate hot air to dry the ink on the box surface before stacking the printing machine.

3. Ensure overprint accuracy

overprinting accuracy

The overprinting accuracy firstly depends on the precision of the equipment and whether the adjustment of the cardboard in the paper feeding part is parallel, and secondly, the layout making, assembly and correction. The following is a brief discussion on the overprinting accuracy in terms of layout collage. After the printing plate is ready, take a 0.5mm thick transparent polypropylene plate base, draw a vertical line in the center of its length, and then draw the length, width, and height lines with a small pen according to the specifications of the carton to be printed, and then press according to the sample draft or sample box The production notice specifies the imposition. After the position of the layout is positioned, draw a line along the edge of the printing plate with a water pen, and then cover the prepared base of the same size on the drawn base, and accurately trace all the edges (if overprinting three colors, draw another base ), and finally according to the overprint color, stick the corresponding printing plate firmly on the painted position with neoprene.

Then use double-sided tape to stick the printing plate on the roller of the printing machine. The center line of the plate base and the center line of the plate loading roller of the printing machine can be aligned and coincident. As long as the imposition position is accurate and other objective conditions are met, the overprinting will be accurate. If you want to improve the printing quality of the carton printing machine, you must do the above points to ensure that the quality of these carton printing will be improved to a higher level. If you want to know any printing issues, please pay attention to PinLong!

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