Step-by-Step Operation of Corrugated Rotary Machines

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  • 2024/07/10
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In the packaging industry, corrugated rotary machines play a pivotal role in transforming flat cardboard into sturdy corrugated board, the primary material for boxes and other packaging solutions. This highly automated process involves a series of intricate steps, each meticulously executed to achieve optimal quality and efficiency.

1. Board Preparation

1. Pre-heating: Cardboard is first preheated to enhance its flexibility and reduce the risk of tearing during the corrugation process.

2. Pre-treatment: To improve adhesion between the cardboard and the corrugating medium, a pre-treatment solution is applied, typically a starch-based adhesive.

2. Corrugation

1. Forming: Preheated cardboard is fed between two heated, corrugated rollers, forming a continuous web of corrugated cardboard. The shape and size of the flutes (the indentations in the cardboard) depend on the design of the rollers.

2. Bonding: A hot adhesive, usually starch-based, is applied to the tips of the flutes, bonding them to the cardboard liner.

3. Drying

1. Initial Drying: The corrugated cardboard passes through a heated drying section to partially set the adhesive and remove moisture.

2. Final Drying: The cardboard is further dried in a second drying section to ensure complete adhesion and moisture removal.

4. Finishing

1. Slitting: The corrugated cardboard is cut into desired widths using a series of circular blades.

2. Trimming: The edges of the cardboard are trimmed to remove excess material and ensure precise dimensions.

3. Printing: If necessary, the corrugated cardboard is printed with graphics or text using flexographic or offset printing techniques.

5. Post-Processing

1. Stacking: The finished corrugated cardboard is automatically stacked and palletized for easy transportation and storage.

2. Quality Control: Throughout the process, the corrugated cardboard undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure optimal strength, uniformity, and dimensions.


The step-by-step operation of corrugated rotary machines represents a complex and highly efficient process that transforms flat cardboard into durable and versatile packaging material. By automating most steps and incorporating advanced quality control measures, these machines have revolutionized the packaging industry, enabling mass production of high-quality corrugated board with minimal waste and downtime.

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