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  • 2022/11/19
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    Thank you very much for OJI packaging Cambodia Co.,Ltd for choosing PinLong New PL-GP Model Flexo Printer Machine. Every choice of the customers is not only a high recognition of Pinlong equipment, but also another milestone of the brand establishment! Every order, because of trust in us

    We have been working hard! For the industry to provide newer, better, more breakthrough products and constantly move forward!

PL-FG Fully Automatic Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter Inline Folder Gluer

        Quick order shift,easy to operate,Suitable for mass production orders and small batches production orders.FFG with automatic pre-feeder,Strapper,Robot Palletizer System,Truly realize intelligent unmanned and efficient production.

PL-GP Fully Computerized Whole Vacuum Transfer Flexo Printer Vanish Dryer Slotter Die Cutter(CT-STAR)

        It is also called “CT-STAR”, the main features are high-definition, high-quality, energy-saving and environmental protection, and it occupies a very high market share in the domestic carton high-definition watermark market.


PL-Y5 Fully Computerized High Speed Flexo Printer Slotter Die Cutter(SPEED KING)

        It is also called “SPEED KING”, which has high speed, high efficiency, high standard and other performances, can realize fast order change, and the production speed is as high as 430 sheets/min


PL-MP Digital Printing Machine

       Easy operation, direct printing, no plate making, can meet the needs of small batch customization and personalized printing.


Automatic Pre-feeder Machine

        The pre-feeder machine compatible with the whole series of ink printing machine, can greatly improve the printing paper delivery efficiency and printing speed.

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