The Science Behind the Print- Understanding How Flexographic Printing Works on Cardboard

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In the realm of packaging, flexographic printing reigns supreme as a versatile and efficient method for adorning cardboard with vibrant designs and essential information. This intricate process, akin to a choreographed dance of science and engineering, meticulously transfers ink onto cardboard, creating the eye-catching and informative labels that grace countless products we encounter daily.

The Key Players:

The flexographic printing process revolves around several key components:

Flexographic plates: These plates, made from flexible polymer, are engraved with the desired design. They act as the inky messengers that impart the print onto the cardboard.

Ink: A specialized ink, tailored to the specific properties of cardboard, adheres to the flexographic plates. This liquid artistry flows effortlessly from the plates onto the cardboard surface.

Cardboard: The sturdy foundation of the packaging, cardboard provides the canvas upon which the flexographic magic unfolds. Its absorbency and resilience make it an ideal substrate for this printing technique.

The Printing Process:

The flexographic printing process unfolds in a series of sequential steps:

1. Plate Mounting: Flexographic plates are precisely mounted onto cylinders within the printing press.

2. Ink Inking: Ink is meticulously transferred from inkwells onto the flexographic plates.

3. Plate-to-Cardboard Contact: A revolving impression cylinder brings the cardboard into contact with the inked plates.

4. Ink Transfer: The ink, under pressure, transfers from the plates to the cardboard.

5. Drying: The printed cardboard passes through a drying system to evaporate solvents and solidify the ink.

Advantages of Flexographic Printing:

This printing technique offers a multitude of advantages:

Cost-effectiveness: Flexographic printing is a relatively low-cost process, making it accessible for large-scale packaging applications.

Versatility: It can print on a wide range of cardboard types and thicknesses, catering to various packaging needs.

High-quality printing: Flexographic presses produce vibrant, detailed prints that deliver a professional appearance.

Fast and efficient: The automated nature of the process ensures high production speeds, meeting tight deadlines.


Flexographic printing is a testament to the fusion of science and technology in the packaging industry. By understanding the intricate mechanics of this process, we gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and precision involved in adorning cardboard with captivating designs and vital information. As we marvel at the printed masterpieces that grace our shelves, let us not forget the scientific ingenuity behind their creation.

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