11 Tips to Ensure the Quality of Your Corrugated Board Ink Flexographic Printing

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  • 2023/03/17
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Regarding the common faults of corrugated cardboard ink flexo printing, we have consulted a lot of relevant materials, combined with actual production experience, and summarized the common weaknesses of corrugated cardboard ink flexo printing. The following is our summary, hoping it is helpful to you.


In packaging printing, flexographic printing of corrugated boards is widespread. Water-based ink is one of the most used environmentally friendly inks. Its printing suitability for corrugated cardboard is relatively good, so its application in corrugated cardboard printing has also increased. However, the surface flatness of corrugated cardboard could be better, and high printing pressure is required, while flexographic printing is called kiss printing, and the control of printing pressure is very strict. In addition, water-based ink itself has slow drying, and long-term storage will cause precipitation. The characteristics, as well as the performance requirements of the smoothness, elasticity, water content, and surface acceptance of the paper surface, make the technical difficulty of corrugated cardboard flexographic water-based ink printing higher than that of ordinary paper printing.


We know that the key factors affecting the quality of printed products are equipment, raw materials, personnel, and the environment, and the same is true for corrugated cardboard printing. Therefore, to ensure the quality of printing, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials are qualified, the equipment is operating normally, the environment meets the requirements, and the operators have a high level of technology and rich production experience.


According to the production practice and the experience of some experts, to ensure the quality of corrugated board water-based ink flexographic printing, pay special attention to the following points:


1. Pay attention to the clarity of printed graphics;


2. To ensure that the printing color is pure and there is no color difference in batch products;


3. The same ink color should be kept in the same batch of printing;


4. When printing coated whiteboard cartons, be careful not to have double images;


5. Ensure the overprint accuracy of each color;


6. Pay attention to the influence of carton strength on full-page printing;


7. Reprint the missed version in time;


8. Pay attention to the printing of thin cardboard;


9. For warped cardboard, it is necessary to prevent version running, slotting, and positioning;


10. During flexographic printing, pay attention to covering the background color;


11. Pay attention to observation during printing, and solve problems in time.


In addition, some troubleshooting should be paid attention to during printing. Since there are many factors that affect the quality of corrugated cardboard directly printed by water-based ink flexo plate, it is also easy to cause printing failure and cause quality problems. Therefore, when troubleshooting, it is necessary to observe and analyze according to the characteristics of equipment, materials, water-based inks, etc., and prescribe the right medicine to eliminate them.

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