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What Is A Flexo Printer Slotter Machine ?

When you are considering purchasing a Flexo Printer Slotter Machine, you may be wondering which features you should look for in this machine. Here, we will discuss the features of Pinlong series flexo printer slotter. Before purchasing a flexo printer slotter machine, you should know what it can do, what type of material it can handle, and how much it costs. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of slotters, the benefits of each, and who makes them. This will help you make the right choice for your business and your budget.

Features of Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

A slotter machine is a high-speed machine for flexo printing. It produces 100-thousand cartons per day and can run at 250-300 sheets per minute at its peak speed. Its other features include integrated order management, quick shift function, and an auto pre-feeder. It can be combined with an auto feeder and a strapping machine. This reduces labor cost by enabling three or four workers to work on the entire production line.

Features of a Flexo Printer Slotter Machine: Its frequency control system is easy to use. It also has skip feeding paper function, which helps to produce big size cartons. It is also equipped with a speed compensation system to ensure that the cartons are the same size as the cutting mould. It also has a high precision anilox roller, which has a diameter of 195mm and a texture of 180-300 lines per inch, making printing effect clear. It also features an automatic ink supply system and an automatic uniform system, which prevents the anilox roller from drying out after printing. It is designed ergonomically, with a 360-degree electric adjustment.

Pinlong flexo printer slotter machine is a machine that is designed for corrugated box printing. It has a pneumatic lock to stabilize the machine and a maximum speed of 100 sheets per minute. Its electrical components are made from world-renowned brands. Its single color touch screen control center and PLC provide a high degree of reliability, low failure rate, and high efficiency. It also provides users with easy-to-use and convenient operation. Its computer-controlled frequency converter allows the user to control the slotting height and phase position of the machine.

The design of the flexo printer slotter machine is made in compliance with international quality and safety standards. Its high speed, auto control, and quick order shift make it an excellent machine for high-speed flexo printing. It also has well-ground transmission gears and a tight link to reduce abrasion. Its cylinders and rollers are chrome-plated. Its automatic feeding and cutting systems provide high quality printing with little or no error. Its automatic feeding system features a back-kicking type and skip feed. The transmission gears are made of high quality steels and are ground after thermal treatment to ensure long-term high efficiency. It also features an alarm bell. Fully automatic flexo printing die-cutting machine specially designed for paper makers, fully automatic flexo printing die-cutting machine equipped with color flexo printing die-cutting machine, featuring higher printing precision, speed faster cutting, automated waste disposal, reducing labor costs. High speed automatic Flexo printing notcher for high performance production cartons with mechanical vibrators and automatic stackers.

Details of Contents For Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

  1. Specifying the outline
  2. Main features
  3. Functional configuration

Specifying the outline

  1. The production line can usually do multiple processes at once, mainly to save time in making corrugated paper, then corrugated boxes, and the labor cost is corrugated boxes. The use of various packaging such as fruit packaging, beverage packaging, furniture, electrical parts, etc.
  2. Fully automatic flexo printing notching machine printing notching machine which can be easily combined with an in-line media gluing machine (if it is a manufacturer) and adds a transfer device to make the ‘whole production line more efficient, so the whole production line is in only 3 -4 people are needed to run.

Main features

  1. Fully automatic flexo slotting machine and closed flexo slotting machine is advantage of gear vacuum transfer machine for all kinds of coating, carton folding and material saving.
  2. Advanced power system, long life, fewer errors and energy saving. The choice of a non-collision gives the solidity of the cardboard without compromise.
  3. Vacuum Extraction, Segmented Vacuum Extraction with Porcelain Finish, Motion Wheels Durable porcelain for precise transfer and long life, reducing sheet costs and resistance.
  4. Closed cavity scraper, ink-saving, easy to clean with special aluminum alloy, 30% increase in coating bending strength, nano-ceramic ink self-cleaning system to save 20% of ink supply.
  5. Safety and reliability Each unit is placed in the operator interface for the safety emergency push button protection switch is placed in each section for easy maintenance and ensure the safety of detail-oriented people during the working process .
  6. The free-master relationship achieves stable accuracy, and the application of the free-master relationship reduces backlash and maintains printing accuracy.
  7. Reasonable control setting, fast version change, automatic zeroing after erasing unlimited control memory, intelligent production, reasonable control setting of more than one million levels of industrial computer and touch screen.

Functional configuration

  1. The control system adopts a new design philosophy of mechatronics, a combination of memory reset function LCD computer phase meter and planetary circumference adjustment plate system, realizes adjustment without stopping the machine, and the accuracy reaches 0.1mm. You can avoid overstocking and waste when the automatic alarm is in place in advance.
  2. In the transmission system, each transmission shaft and gear realize perfect mechanical gear running without spacing, greatly improves printing accuracy, and does not adopt a key joint ring and crosshead shoe transmission mechanism.
  3. Adopts ink transfer system, high precision Anilox roller, and ink transfer rubber roller, independent motor drive, overrun clutch separation to ensure machine stop, but ink, pneumatic diaphragm pump inking, and pneumatic lifting plate We do not guarantee.
  4. Full cast iron fence, aging treatment, machining center integration, and use of precision machined hard wallboard 140mm beam steel enhance the relationship.
  5. All machine fasting bolts all employ a screw. so which enhances standard grade 8.8 to maintain all machine stability.

Types of Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

There are two types of slotter machines for flexo printing. One is an automatic machine that allows you to control the distance by touch screen or PLC. The other one uses a servo motor to compensate for the force deformation. This type of slotter machine has an adjustable distance range from +3mm to +16mm. The auto-control flexo printer slotter machine is designed for high-speed flexo printing. Its features include high speed, pneumatic locking, and auto zero-return. The roller outer diameter is 85mm, and it is hard chrome plated. Its roller and cylinder are chrome-plated to reduce abrasion. The leading machine is a lead edge slotting machine, a combined rotary slotter machine, and a flexo printer slotter machine. Both of these types of slotters have a steel printing roller, which is polished and hard-chromium-plated. The machine also has a pedal switch that controls the run and reverse of the roller. This makes it easy to switch printing plates. The slot in the printing roller is large enough to hold a 10mm steel plate.

Manufacturers of Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

Many manufacturers of flexo printer slotter machines like PinLong would offer high quality machines that meet the safety and quality standards required in the industry. Their machines feature auto control and high-speed printing. They also come with features like auto zero-return and well-hardened, ground transmission gears. In addition, they have a tight link, which reduces abrasion, and chrome-plated rollers and cylinders. Generally Speaking,  Flexo Printing Slotter Machine, sometimes called a corrugated box maker, is a machine designed to process corrugated cardboard. These machines have several important parts, including a feeding unit, printing unit, die-cutting unit, and slotting machine. Some machines have additional features, such as an auto stacker, sheet transfer, and vacuum box. Some machines come with a central control computer for remote diagnosis and maintenance. This helps to save time and money. Some machines also have a pneumatic lock to prevent electricity from escaping, which ensures a precise print. Some models even feature a CE-certified design concept.

Price of Flexo Printer Slotter Machine

The Flexo Printer Slotter Machine is a specialized machine that is designed for corrugated cardboard printing. It has several components including a feeding unit, a printing unit, a die-cutting unit, and a slotting unit. Some models also have a sheet transfer and an automatic stacker. The unit has many advantages, including a large printing area and a high speed of printing. This machine is also very safe. The machine uses precision-ground gears and is equipped with an auto-zero-return system. It also has a computerized control and data input system. It can store and change orders quickly. The printer slotter machine can produce up to 100 thousand cartons a day. It can be combined with an auto feeder and strapping machine to create a fully automated production line. This will greatly reduce labor costs. It will require only three to four workers to operate the entire line.

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