Why Invest The Cardboard Box Printing Machine ?

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The Role of Cardboard Boxes In Today Life

During bulk packing and shipping, the use of cardboard boxes actually helps in transporting the goods from one place to another in a proper way. Any individual can start this business, you don’t need any educational qualifications here. All it takes is good planning, investment skills and networking skills if needed. This is a B-to-B business, so you need to be able to produce lots of boxes to meet large orders.Today, every step of the secure packaging process is automated, from box assembly to closing. The final step before transferring the box to the shipping vehicle is to seal the box with industrial grade tape. This process ensures that the box will not be opened or damaged during shipping. Cardboard box printing can earn the trust of customers, who are more likely to invest in a company that meets their delivery needs safely. Corrugated board printing machines are used in manufacturing to perform this otherwise laborious task.  Manufacturing needs a plethora of fast-paced packaging and labeling machines to maintain products for longer periods of time and take responsibility for better advertising and marketing of goods.

The Process of Cardboard Boxes Making Lines

The manufacture of cardboard boxes is done according to customer requirements with different shapes and thicknesses, such as 2, 3, 5, 9 layers. In this process, two rolls of kraft paper are joined together in a cardboard box printing machine, then the two sheets of kraft paper are glued together using a gravure roll in the machine, so that the resulting sheet is called a 2-ply sheet. After that, this roll is cut with a paper cutter and with the help of a gluer, glue is applied to the sides and the third layer is kept glued. After the corrugated and cardboard paper is prepared, the cardboard box is made, and it is crimped and cut using a rotary creasing machine, then after creasing with a creasing machine, it is slit using a rotary creasing machine. a slitting machine. After that, it is also bound with a binding machine, then the cardboard box is prepared and then printed with a printing press. After printing, the boxes are ready to be sold in the market.

The corrugated box production line is the key production equipment for corrugated box production enterprises. Corrugated carton production line is the most important production line equipment for carton packaging companies, including several important components such as wet end equipment, frame equipment and system of production management. According to the corrugated cardboard production process, the corrugated cardboard production line consists of two relatively independent process sections: wet end equipment and dry end equipment. Wet end equipment mainly includes basic paper tray, automatic paper dispensing machine, preheater pre-conditioner, single-sided corrugated board, etc. Wet-end machine, paper feeder, gluing machine, double-sided machine and other equipment to process corrugated base paper into corrugated board with three, five and seven layers of different corrugated combinations; dry equipment mainly includes rotary slitting machine, slitting machine, cross-cutting machine, stacker, etc., frame equipment will longitudinally slit, cut and stack corrugated board according to order requirements.

The corrugated box production line is the key production equipment for the production of corrugated boxes. Corrugated box companies are facing increasingly fierce competition in the market. Facing the requirements of corrugated cardboard users with large order specifications, small batches and fast delivery, it is necessary to improve the corrugated cardboard production line. The automation level improves the production management level of the corrugated cardboard production line, and achieves the purpose of improving quality, improving efficiency, saving energy, saving labor, reduce consumables and reduce waste.

Among them, equipping cadres is the key to achieving this goal. In addition, according to actual needs, some special carton equipment may also be required. Product logo printing also requires masking paper printing, and the printing is divided into color offset printing and monochrome overprinting. Sometimes printing slot machines, creasing machines, nail box machines, etc. are necessary. If color printing is required, an offset press is also required. If you also make your own plates, you need a plate imager. If the film is also made by yourself, you need to make the film machine by yourself, and you need to design the computer support equipment. Monochrome overprinting is simple and the aniline version can also be externally processed. Of course, many processes, including corrugated paper, can be outsourced.

The business investment in cardboard flexographic printing machine is not a one-time decision. Typically, companies don’t invest in new kit unless necessary, so convincing directors/shareholders to release capital can sometimes be a challenge. However, the technological changes that have taken place in flexo presses in recent years provide a compelling business case for not delaying your investment. At PinLong, we’ve been building innovative flexo presses for decades, with every improvement designed to help our customers stay ahead of the competition. The efficiency gains that modern printing presses can bring to your business are enormous. Here are a few reasons why we think now is the time to upgrade your flexo equipment to ensure your business’ continued competitiveness.

Why Suggest Invest Carton Box Printing Machine ?

1. Reduce Labor Costs

The manual carton closing process is tedious and time-consuming. A box has to be organized in a certain way, which can be laborious and difficult if the contents are too large or inconsistent. Even for lightweight containers, the time it takes to manually pack can slow down the whole process. Large companies invest a lot of time, money and manpower in sealing operations. With a self-sealing carton box manufacturing machine, the job can be done in seconds.

2. Increase Production

With increasing competition from digital platforms, even small changes can have a big impact on how customers perceive your business. Automation saves time and money for companies looking to increase productivity. Using a carton box manufacturing machine speeds up the packaging process, allowing businesses to handle high-volume operations and gain a competitive edge.

3. Efficient Use of Tape Material

Manual carton manufacturing machine is not as effective as a carton sealer. The manual process requires more tape to ensure the seal is done securely. On the other hand, PinLong carton box folding machine can use a limited amount of material to seal the edges without creating waste. Efficient use of material means a lot to the business, as there is a lot of money invested in buying industrial tape. Not only that, but many tape sizes can be installed on the same machine, with low investment and high efficiency.

4. Product Safety

The goal of any manufacturing industry is to deliver products to customers in a safe and reliable manner. Therefore, replacing manual operation with a small carton box making machine has become a key step. The importance of transport security cannot be overstated – when packages are delivered, they must be free of damage that could compromise the integrity of the shipment. The small carton box making machine will ensure that the box can withstand any stress applied during shipping.

5. Reduce Employee Injuries

Repeated movements under the operations of carton flexo printing machine can cause injury to employees who work long hours. By implementing automation and keeping the human factor out of the way, you can save employees from debilitating situations like back pain, neck pain, or wrist injuries.

6. Reduce Overall Costs

Installing end-of-line carton box manufacturing machine can provide significant savings as they are inexpensive to purchase, require little maintenance and are easy to integrate, meaning installation can be done without any hassle. complication.

7. Increase Aesthetic Beauty

Our carton box manufacturing machine offers the perfect way to improve the appearance of a carton container. With an eye to design, these high-quality machine seals create a cleaner aesthetic than a manual packaging process – enhancing your box’s shelf appeal and appealing to consumers who take pride in their purchasing decision.

Then, How To Start Your Own Cardboard Box Printing Business ?

If you want to start a business with low cost and the demand for your products will increase in the coming years, then this business is the best for you. All businesses need to package their end products to keep them safe during transit, and one of the best ways to replace all other carriers is corrugated boxes. The apple industry, mango industry and other fruit industries are beginning to use cardboard boxes instead of wooden boxes to reduce costs and make packaging more attractive and attractive to customers. Many poultry and farmers use the box to supply their products to supermarkets or daily retail to attract more customers.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are mainly used in companies that need packaging materials. You can find their use in industries such as pharmaceuticals, soaps, cookies, cosmetics, tea and coffee, hosiery, and footwear industries. Around 80% of industrial packaging is made using corrugated cardboard, which is environmentally friendly as it is light, easy to store and handle (ie recyclable). Due to their cheap price, they are widely used in various industries requiring packaging products. These boxes are widely used by various e-commerce companies such as Amazon and Flipkart. In this industry, shipping is a major factor because the product is cheap and bulky and requires a lot of space. Therefore, it is essential that your business location is very close to your customers. Corrugated boxes are in high demand and are one of the fastest growing segments of the packaging market. The advantages of corrugated boxes over other packaging materials are:

  1. Protect the product;
  2. Highly customizable;
  3. highly cost effective and durable;
  4. Fully recyclable in nature etc.
  5. Cardboard boxes come in different sizes and shapes, usually rectangular and square. They come in 3 tiers, 5 tiers and 7 tiers etc.

To be successful in this business, you must have knowledge and skills about products and manufacturing processes, and understand all aspects of the packaging industry. You can learn more about this from PinLong, as professional cardboard box printing machine manufacturer, we will provide you with enough knowledge to run and manage this business.

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