Forum speech + factory visit, Pinlong Precision’s digital solution empowers the industry

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  • 2024/02/28
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During the 2023 China Paper Packaging Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Theme Summit, Pinlong Precision demonstrated the advanced equipment and innovative technologies for intelligent manufacturing in the paper packaging industry, shared its industry-leading carton printing and molding production solutions with the industry, and communicated with hundreds of industry professionals present. The guests discussed new opportunities, new models and new ideas in the digital era!

Theme forum speech, digital empowerment of corrugated packaging industry

On December 13, the 2023 China Paper Packaging Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Theme Summit Forum was held. In this high-profile industry event, Mr. Lin Chengqiang, Executive Vice President of Pinlong Precision Industry, shared many of the company’s innovative achievements with the theme of “Digital Empowerment of Corrugated Carton Machinery in the Domestic Paper Packaging Processing Field”.

Mr. Lin pointed out that under the current background of transformation and upgrading of the corrugated packaging industry, digital production and intelligent production have become the consensus in the transformation and upgrading of paper packaging companies, and how to implement them is the dilemma faced by companies. As one of the leading companies in the field of carton printing equipment manufacturing, Pinlong Precision empowers customers and the industry with a wealth of digital solutions.

At present, Pinlong Precision has become a digital factory with complete ecological chain management. The entire digitalization process covers all aspects such as R&D and manufacturing, after-sales service, and product sales. It controls the processing quality, process and delivery cycle from the source, and has created a digital manufacturing, A development model that integrates digital management and digital operations.

All the company’s products are equipped with Pinlong CMS system, which integrates the entire line control on a PC host, greatly reducing the number of labor and labor intensity. The system has its own API interface, which can be linked to mainstream ERP and production management systems. It can also be connected to the company’s digital factory deployment to feed back the real-time operating status of the equipment and order production progress to the MES system to help packaging companies achieve digital production. , to build a leaner production system.

After the forum, more than 400 industry guests attended Pinlong Precision’s welcome dinner to further learn about Pinlong Precision’s products and digital empowerment solutions. Everyone communicated in depth and spoke freely, which not only enhanced the friendship between the two parties, but also provided a good opportunity for win-win cooperation in the future.

Visit Pinlong Seiko, digital management surprises the industry

Armed with an understanding of Pinlong Seiko’s digital empowerment solutions, many industry professionals visited Pinlong Seiko’s factory on the second day. The production workshop where the factory’s CNC machining center, ink printing production line, digital printing production line, box-gluing linkage line, fully automatic loading machine and other products are operating at full capacity, with various tasks such as feeding, manufacturing, debugging, and shipping The process is methodical.

On the digital management platform of the workshop, all-round data visualization of barcode, plan, site, process, cycle, quality, equipment, production capacity, output value and other processes of the entire factory are presented dynamically and in real time, which astounds industry insiders. The printing and pasting linkage line being produced and demonstrated is even more eye-catching. Many guests took photos or carefully checked the quality of the finished cartons.

As the pace of industry transformation and upgrading accelerates, the excellent performance of equipment alone can no longer meet the needs of packaging companies. A complete set of digital solutions can more comprehensively empower the development of packaging companies. Pinlong Seiko’s digital manufacturing model, complete product system, and industry-leading solutions are undoubtedly a strong guarantee for the transformation and upgrading of packaging companies.

Thanks to the strong support of industry customers, the construction of Pinlong Precision’s new factory is accelerating. The project is located east of Guangde Road and north of Fuheng Road, Hecheng Street, Gaoming District. It will be designed in accordance with the “Industry 4.0” operating concept, with a total investment of 300 million yuan. It will build a 3-story production workshop, a 6-story comprehensive office building, 5-story staff dormitory building and other construction facilities.

The total construction area of the project is nearly 50,000 square meters. It is expected to bloom in 2025. It will help Pinlong Precision to “re-create New Pinlong” in the new era. At the same time, it will also empower corrugated packaging with more advanced and efficient carton printing and molding production solutions. The industry welcomes the new era of digitalization!

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