What should we do if the font printing on the carton is not clear?

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  • 2024/03/22
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It is common for corrugated cardboard to have unclear patterns and fonts in the finished product after being ground and printed by carton printing equipment. When encountering this situation, we should not be anxious and find the corresponding effects of each link of cardboard and carton machinery step by step.

flexo printer cardboard

According to the records of our company’s engineers for more than 10 years, how does Pinlong handle this phenomenon?

The first step is to check whether the plate pressure of the anilox roller is adjusted too heavily: adjust the printing pressure at the highest point of the plate, and then use tape to pad the lower part.

The second step is to check whether the paper guide roller is adjusted too hard: the pressure adjustment should be within 1mm of pressure.

The third step is to check whether there is any debris or dry ink attached to the paper guide roller:
When the cardboard travels here, there will be an obstruction and stop phenomenon, and the cardboard will be lifted up to increase the printing pressure. Therefore, the paper guide roller must be kept smooth at all times to print beautiful products.

The fourth step is to check whether the printing offset plate is aged or worn:
Printing plates need to be stored in a ventilated place. It is best to clean them after use and hang them in a special plate rack. If they age over time, they need to be replaced with new ones.

Step 5: Check whether the hollow font is blocked by ink:
During the printing process, it is necessary to prevent the ink from accumulating too much and drying on the printing plate.
After printing is completed, the printing plate must be cleaned with a brush and then returned to storage.

Step 6: Check the hardness of the plate: It is best to make the plate harder for fine characters to keep the fonts beautiful.

The seventh step is to check whether the PH quality of the ink is improperly controlled: adjust the PH quality of the ink to 8.5-9.5.

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