How To Choose The Carton Box Printing Machine ?

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When looking for a carton box printing machine, it is essential to consider how much production you need from the machine. Prices for these machines can vary greatly, so it is imperative to set a budget and find a machine that is within your budget. Moreover, you should decide whether you are going to print a high volume of cartons or just a few at a time.

In addition to the price, you should also consider the type of inkjet printing system. Thermal inkjet printers are an excellent option for printing on corrugated paper. These printers are able to print clearly on porous surfaces and are flexible enough to allow for custom case labels. Furthermore, they can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. Carton box printing machine is a machine that uses ink to create printed boxes. This type of machine is commonly used in the packaging industry. The printing process involves several steps, including the printing of linerboard before glueing. The benefits of this process include superior quality at a low cost. Before buying a new printing machine, it’s vital to understand the process and the types of machines available. 

Carton box printing machine has two main functions: moving the carton box into the printing area and keying in the label code. These processes must be performed smoothly so that the label can be printed on the carton box. There are two types of these machines: automatic and semi-auto. Automatic machines usually require the operator to key in the label code and the printer automatically moves to the printing position. Semi-auto machines can be operated manually or with software.

Features of Carton Box Printing Machine

PinLing carton box printing machine has three main parts: a feeding unit, a printing unit, and a slotting unit. Corrugated boxes can be printed with logos, designs, and a variety of colors. After the print is complete, the corrugated board is fed into a trimmer that perforates the corrugated board into flaps. The finished product then proceeds to a folding machine. This carton folding machine bends and glues each section before sending it to the next step.

Carton printing machines come with a variety of features. Some of them are more effective than others. For instance, a direct-printing machine can be more economical and faster than a digital printer. Other features include the ability to customize color match and spot sizes. Some machines also include a drying system with bundler. Using corrugated board as a printing substrate can reduce the cost of image carriers and improve print quality. A corrugated board with a finer fluting or higher grade is a better choice for printing than one with coarser fluting. In addition, printing onto a smooth substrate will help you render more detailed graphics.

The Ink used in carton box printing machines is made from different ingredients and has a specific weight ratio. The main components of the ink are the film forming resin, water and wax. The wax contains 15 to 25 percent of the total weight. The remaining part consists of the auxiliary agent. Corrugated cardboard can be made from paper or a paper/plastic composite. Either way, the substrate is porous. As a result, the ink will seep into the surface. This can lead to blurred markings. This can negatively impact the scannability of printed codes. Scannable codes are important for distributors. The ink color and the color contrast of corrugated cardboard can also affect the readability of printed codes.

Flexography Printing of Carton Box Printing Machine

Flexo printing is a fast and efficient way to print on smooth and rough materials. This technique is often used for primary retail packaging and shipper boxes, and is also great for high-quality images. Lithography is another popular high-volume printing method, but it can be expensive, as it requires a printing plate to produce your print. The printing quality depends on the type of printing you require. Some machines allow printing on both sides and on the inside. The difference between the two is in the amount of color you can select.

If you are looking to print on both sides, offset printing will produce the best quality. Besides, it is more cost-effective than digital printing. The only downside to offset printing is that it requires more time and effort. Flexo printing has several advantages over traditional printing methods. It produces high-quality images and is easy to integrate into an existing production line. It also works on a wide range of materials. Inks used for printing cardboard are water-based. The process of flexo printing machine for corrugated carton is also flexible and can be used on paper products.

Inks used in carton printing machines should last for months and be able to withstand packaging and shipping. That means that the cartons you print will be more durable and look great for a longer period of time. A carton box printing machine can help you improve your packaging process by producing high-quality results at a faster rate. You can also add company logos and other branding elements to your cartons.

Lithography Printing of Carton Box Printing Machine

In addition toflexography, lithography is a common choice for manufacturers of corrugated boxes. Like flexography,  lithography involves engraving a design onto a plate using a laser, then rolling ink over the surface. Once the ink has dried, it is transferred to a rubber blanket that is rolled over the carton box. Litho printing is a high-quality way to showcase your product, and the process is also durable, scratch-resistant, and waterproof.

Lithography used in the carton box printing machine that produces high-quality print materials that are ideal for magazines and newspapers. Its unique printing features make it an excellent choice for printing large quantities, such as carton boxes, while still preserving picture quality. However, the process is more costly than other printing methods and takes longer to set up. It is often used for large-scale productions, which can be time-sensitive.

In comparison to offset printing, lithography can produce high-quality, clean, and detailed images. However, its disadvantages include a lack of fine details and a thicker printed surface. These factors can affect the shipping and storage capabilities of your products. Nonetheless, litho printing is ideal for flat and intricate designs, high-volume orders, and six-color designs.

Digital Printing of Carton Box Printing Machine

Digital printing allows a good quality results in corrugated packaging boxes, as there is no need to stretch or tightly hold the material. Moreover, Digital printing is more environmentally-friendly. It creates fewer spent ink cartridges and produces fewer air pollutants compared to other printing processes. This makes digital printing the most environmentally friendly option for printing boxes. They are also more flexible, which means they can accommodate high-volume orders. In addition, they can support variable artwork, allowing you to create personalised marketing campaigns.

If you’re looking to produce a large number of boxes, digital printing may be the way to go. The digital process offers quick turnaround and zero tooling costs. Moreover, most companies offer low minimum order quantities. Furthermore, digital printing is far more affordable than lithographic printing, and its quality is comparable.

Digital printing is also more affordable than traditional offset and flexo printing, because the process requires only uploading a print file instead of buying cutting dies and plates. Digital printing can also be more versatile, because you can choose from a range of color options. Most digital printers will allow you to print any design. Another advantage of digital printing is that you don’t need to worry about running out of plates, which can increase production costs.

How To Refresh The Corrugated Boxes Printing ?

Corrugated packaging was once regarded as a featureless and common form of logistics packaging. Now, the large-scale application of digital printing of corrugated cardboard will reshape the golden body of the dull brown corrugated box. Personalized content printing has given corrugated packaging the identity of a brand display medium and re-applied a bright and bright image.

When corrugated boxes are combined with digital printing technology, it can bring stronger structural design capabilities, thereby creating more market opportunities, and can complete orders and operations that cannot be completed by traditional printing.

Carton printer machine is the general name of printing machine, which is divided into: ink printing machine, high-speed ink printing machine, high-definition ink printing machine, chain ink printing machine, etc. The carton box printing machine is an indispensable printing equipment for the production of cartons.

The carton printing machine is a printing equipment that can print the required text, patterns and other information on the surface of the carton box. Carton printing generally includes single printing, printing with slotting/die-cutting, printing slotting/die-cutting, gluing boxes and linkage production lines.

The carton printing machine can be roughly divided into gear drive and DC servo motor drive by transmission mode. Most of the more and more widely used gear transmissions are now used.

The carton printer machine is generally composed of several units: lead edge feeder, printer unit, slotter unit, die cutter unit, vibrator unit and stacker unit. The working principle of the carton printing machine is to first make the text and images to be printed into a printing plate and install it on the printing machine, and then operate the printing machine to evenly apply the ink to the places with the text and images on the printing plate, and then directly or indirectly transfer to corrugated paper or corrugated carton to reproduce the same printed replica as the printing plate.

So, How To Choose The Carton Box Printing Machine ?

When purchasing carton machinery printing equipment, it is necessary to consider the printing cost comprehensively and choose equipment with high cost performance. Thus, while increasing our overall production capacity, we can not only stabilize our customer base, but also differentiate our products and attract more new customers. As for the types of carton box manufacturing machines on the market, according to the different printing methods, they can be divided into multi-pass ulti-pass carton printer machines and multi-pass automatic carton making machines. single pass high speed. In general, the production capacity of multi-pass carton printer machine is around 1-450 sheets per hour, which is suitable for small custom and custom orders. The single-pass automatic carton making machine has a production capacity of about 1-12,000 sheets per hour, which is more suitable for medium and large orders. The specific printing quantity also depends on the different sizes of the printing materials and the printing effect requirements.

First, choose according to the specifications of the required machine: different carton companies have different requirements for the carton, the thickness of the carton, the size of the carton, and the size of the printing and coloring area of the carton. The difference in carton specifications also requires friends from the carton factory to have a certain understanding of the specifications of the carton printing machine. The format size, color and shape printed by the carton printing machine of different specifications will be different. Therefore, the selection of the specifications of the carton printing machinery is also one of the important factors.

Second, choose according to the reasonable machine configuration of the carton printing machine: different printing processes need to choose different configuration of the carton printing machine. In addition to the reasonable configuration of the carton printing machine itself, a high-standard carton printing machine should also consider its drying. Configuration and reasonable allocation between the corresponding functional units.

Third, choose according to the price: due to different geographical locations, different economic differences, and different requirements for carton printing and coloring, the price of carton printing machines will also be different. The same mechanical carton printing machine, because the price of the brand is not the same. Therefore, when purchasing a carton printing machine, you must understand, observe and compare in many aspects to ensure that the production capacity and printing quality of the purchased printing machine can be better guaranteed.

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