Pinlong held a special training on "Automatic folder gluer technology

  • PinLong
  • 2023/05/27
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To further improve the installation and commissioning technical level of the company’s automatic folder gluer, strengthen quality management, and enhance the company’s market competitiveness and service capabilities, Pinlong held a special training on “Pinlong Linkage Line Technology” on May 27, 2023. The training was taught by professional technicians, and more than 10 people from Pinlong’s technical management and operation personnel participated in the training.



This training is mainly aimed at “precautions for foundation installation of automatic folder gluer, unit installation and assembly, machine commissioning, hoisting site reference, mechanical performance and operation adjustment, mechanical common problems and troubleshooting, mechanical synchronization adjustment and maintenance technology ” and other aspects of teaching, has the characteristics of strong pertinence and highlighting key points.



In the Pinlong production workshop, a piece of intelligent automatic carton production equipment is being assembled and debugged. The operator only needs to adjust the parameters and press the button, and the raw cardboard will pass through the assembly line quickly, and the automatic carton production line can complete the cardboard printing, folding and gluer processes in an instant, realizing the fully automated production from cardboard to carton.


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