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From July 12th to 14th, 2023, the high-profile China International Corrugated Exhibition 2023 will be held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition lineup is unprecedentedly prosperous, demonstrating the vigorous development momentum of the packaging industry.


While the development momentum is gratifying, the market competition is also extremely fierce. Among the many eye-catching brands, PinLong Precision has become a dazzling star, and has won the great attention of the audience with its professional team and high-quality products!


During the three-day International Corrugated Exhibition, PinLong Precision‘s FFG attracted countless visitors. PL-FG 0920 fully computerized vacuum transfer 5 colors flexo printer slotter die cutter automatic folder gluer running at a high speed of 400 sheets per minute. The huge large screen of the booth looped our high-end smart products, and the staff who explained and communicated enthusiastically and patiently became the highlights of the exhibition hall.



The high-speed PL-FG 0920 fully computerized vacuum transfer 5 colors flexo printer slotter die cutter automatic folder gluer exhibited by our company at this exhibition has aroused strong interest in the exhibitors and many enterprises, and they have come to watch and consult. In just three days, our company has attracted many interested customers, and some interested customers have directly finalized and signed contracts on the spot!



In the equipment display area and negotiation area, PinLong Precisions sales elites conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with visiting customers, and at the same time shared professional knowledge and successful cases, which deepened the relationship with customers and partners, and provided Future collaborations and innovations offer more opportunities.


The 2023 China International Corrugated Exhibition has been successfully concluded. This exhibition has achieved fruitful results. But Pinlong always remembers to guard against arrogance and impetuosity. With a more professional and mature attitude, it will never stop on the road of innovation and development. It will continue to strive for excellence with solid steps, keep pace with the times, and work hard in the field of intelligent packaging equipment. Continuously deliver high-quality one-stop intelligent packaging and printing service solutions for the corrugated paper packaging and printing industry.

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