Automatic Paper Box Making Pre-feeder Machine

Automatic Paper Box Making Pre-feeder Machine


Place of Original:China

Size (mm):1200 × 2500

Printing for:Carton Box, Corrugated Box, Cardboard Box

Payment:T / T, L / C, D / P

Price Terms:FOB, EXW, CIF

Delivery Time:Within 60-120 days after receive the deposit

Description Model Automatic pre-feeder machine
Cardboard Stacking Height 1800mm
Maximum Stacking Weight 2000kg
Max. Speed 350Pcs / Min
Max. Sheet Size(mm) 1200*2500
Min Sheet Size(mm) 350*600
Voltage 380V / 50Hz
Cardboard Lifting Method Chain fork lift
Turning Fork Power Hydraulic drive
Lifting Power of Horizontal Conveyor Hydraulic drive

(1) Semi-automatic and fully automatic, fully automatic, and unmanned operation.

(2) The paper box making machine can be equipped with automatic logistics loading paper.

(3) The clapboard is an integrated clap paper placed at the front end of the horizontal conveyor belt, and the paper is automatically shot longitudinally.

(4) The conveyor belt of the paper box making machine has an auxiliary centering and paper squaring function, and the conveyor belt can be extended and retracted for 900 distances.

(5) The whole automatic pre-feeder for cardboard machine is a fixed type.

(6) There is a side baffle of the automatic pre-feeder for cardboard on the transmission side, which can be adjusted electrically.

(7)The fork feet are connected, and the cardboard is automatically pushed forward after the fork is turned over.

(8) The horizontal conveyor belt can be photoelectrically controlled by the Flexo printer machine, and the speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion.

(9) The chain pushes the paper up and is controlled by a photoelectric switch.

(10) The bottom paper or board of the paper box making machine can be discharged automatically.

(11) Automatic feeding of the automatic pre-feeder for cardboard is the module belt feeding.

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